MRI CN VII and VIII nerves - normal

Clinical Information:

MRI cerebellopontine angle; asymmetrical sensorineural hearing loss


Multiplanar, multisequence MRI of the cerebellopontine angle was performed without and with IV contrast including high-resolution images through the course of both VII and VIII cranial nerves.




There is no focal brain parenchymal signal abnormality. In particular, the midbrain and brainstem are normal.

The external acoustic canal, middle ear, vestibular-cochlear apparatus and internal acoustic canals have a normal appearance.

The facial and vestibulocochlear nerves have a normal appearance, with no focal lesion, signal abnormality or abnormal enhancement.

The geniculate ganglion, cochlear component and descending bony component of the facial nerve have a normal appearance bilaterally.

The trigeminal and abducens nerves have a normal appearance.

No high signal is seen in the mastoid air cells or middle ear to indicate fluid.


Normal MRI of the brain and cerebellopontine angle. No cause for sensorineural hearing loss is identified.