MRI HIP - Normal

Clinical Information:



Multiplane T1, PD, PD SPAIR and STIR sequences were obtained through the pelvis and ____ hip.





  • No evidence of fracture or bone oedema is seen.
  • No femoral head changes to suggest avascular necrosis
  • No focal bony lesion is seen.
  • No evidence of femoro-acetabular impingement

Cartilage and Labrum:

  • No joint space narrowing is seen.
  • No evidence of altered cartilage signal is identified to suggest chondromalacia or delamination
  • The labrum has a normal appearance with no tear identified.
  • No paralabral cyst is seen.
  • Ligamentum Teres is normal


  • No joint effusion
  • The trochanteric bursa is normal

Muscles and tendons:

  • No muscle abnormality is seen around the ___ hip joint.
  • Iliopsoas muscle and tendon:  Normal.
  • The gluteal musculature and tendons: Normal.
  • The iliotibial muscle and tendon: Normal
  • The adductor muscles and tendons: Normal
  • Hamstring muscles: Normal
  • Hip flexors: Normal

Neurovascular structures:  Normal

Pelvic Structures:

  • No visceral abnormality seen.
  • Lymph nodes: Normal


Normal MRI ___ hip.