Clinical Information:



Multiplane T1 and T2 weighted imaging was acquired through the upper abdomen. In-phase and out-of-phase imaging was obtained, as well as T2 tse3d imaging.




The liver has a normal size, shape and signal on all sequences, with no intrahepatic duct dilation or focal lesion identified. The portal and hepatic veins are normal.

The gallbladder is normal and there is no extrahepatic duct abnormality. No choledocholithiasis is seen.

The pancreas has a normal size, shape and signal with no duct dilation.

The spleen, adrenals and kidneys are normal. The visualised bowel is unremarkable.

No free fluid or gas is seen. No lymphadenopathy is seen. The lung bases are clear. No bony abnormality is identified.


Normal MRCP.