MRI Normal Elbow

Clinical Information:



Multiplane PD, PD fat sat and PD SPAIR images were obtained through the ____ elbow.




Joint Effusion:      none

Medial Compartment:

  • Ulnar collateral ligament:   Normal
  • Common flexor tendon:      Normal
  • Medial epicondyle:               Normal

Lateral Compartment:

  • Radial collateral ligament: Normal
  • Lateral ulnar collateral ligament: Normal
  • Common extensor tendon: Normal
  • Lateral epicondyle:               Normal
  • Annular Ligament:               Normal
    • Anterior insertion:     Normal
    • Posterior insertion:    Normal

Posterior Compartment:

  • Triceps:                                 Normal
  • Olecranon:                            Normal
  • Bursa:                                    Normal

Anterior Compartment:

  • Biceps:                                Normal
  • Brachialis:                          Normal
  • Bicipitoradial bursa:         Normal


  • Radio-capitellar joint:     Normal
  • Ulno-humeral joint:         Normal
  • Proximal radio-ulnar joint: Normal

Other Findings:

  • Bones:                              Normal
  • Muscles:                          Normal
  • Vessels:                           Normal
  • Nerves:                            Normal. Normal cubital tunnel and retinaculum.
  • Anconeus epitrochlearis: Absent
  • Intra-articular loose bodies: None


Normal MRI ____ elbow.