MRI Brachial Plexus

MRI Brachial Plexus Clinical Information: Technique: Imaging of the [left|right|both] brachial plexus was performed according to brachial plexus protocol which includes multiplanar anatomic and 3-D NerveVIEW sequences. Findings: Comparison: Spinal cord: The cord has a normal volume and signal Brachial plexus: Roots:        normal Trunks:       normal Divisions:   normal Cords:      […]

Normal MRI Elbow

MRI Normal Elbow Clinical Information:   Technique: Multiplane PD, PD fat sat and PD SPAIR images were obtained through the ____ elbow. Comparison: ___________ Findings: Joint Effusion:      none Medial Compartment: Ulnar collateral ligament:   Normal Common flexor tendon:      Normal Medial epicondyle:               Normal Lateral Compartment: Radial collateral […]

MRI Enterography for IBD – Normal

MRI Enterography for IBD – Normal Clinical Information: Technique: MR Enterography was performed according to department protocol. Cine imaging and dynamic post contrast imaging of the bowel was also performed. Findings: Study Quality: The bowel is well demonstrated, with good distribution of contrast and bowel distention. Bowel: There is no evidence of bowel wall thickening […]

Foetal MRI – Normal

FOETAL MRI – NORMAL Clinical Information: Technique: MRI was performed without contrast to evaluate the uterus and fetus. Informed consent was obtained. Findings: The gestational age of the pregnancy is __ weeks by last menstrual period. Maternal findings Normal. Findings of pregnancy Pregnancy:                        Singleton. […]

MRI Whole Spine – Trauma Normal

MRI Whole Spine – Trauma Normal Clinical Information: MVA.  Technique: Sagittal T1, T2 and TIRM imaging was obtained through the entire spine, as well as axial T1 and T2 weighted imaging. Findings: The vertebral bodies and discs are of normal height with no malalignment. The marrow and disc signal is normal. The craniocervical junction is […]


MRI Hip MRI HIP – Normal Clinical Information: Technique: Multiplane T1, PD, PD SPAIR and STIR sequences were obtained through the pelvis and ____ hip. Comparison: ___________ Findings: Bones: No evidence of fracture or bone oedema is seen. No femoral head changes to suggest avascular necrosis No focal bony lesion is seen. No evidence of […]

MRI Wrist

MRI WRIST Clinical Information: Technique: Multiplane DIXON T1 and T2 weight imaging was obtained through the ____ wrist. Axial PD was also acquired. Comparison: ___________ Findings: Alignment: Ulnar variance: none Distal radioulnar joint: normal Carpal instability: none Fluid: Carpus effusion: none Distal radioulnar joint effusion: none Intrinsic Ligaments: Scapholunate ligament: normal Lunotriquetral ligament: normal Triangular […]

MRI CN VII and VIII nerves – normal

MRI CN VII and VIII nerves – normal Clinical Information: MRI cerebellopontine angle; asymmetrical sensorineural hearing loss Technique: Multiplanar, multisequence MRI of the cerebellopontine angle was performed without and with IV contrast including high-resolution images through the course of both VII and VIII cranial nerves. Comparison: ___________ Findings: There is no focal brain parenchymal signal […]

MRI Foot

MRI Foot Clinical information: Technique: Multiplane T1 and T2 inversion recovery imaging was obtained through the ____ foot. Findings: Bones: Marrow:   Normal. Alignment:   Normal. Longitudinal plantar arch:   Normal. Joints: Ankle joint:   Normal. Intertarsal joints:   Normal. Tarsometatarsal joints:   Normal. Metatarsophalangeal and interphalangeal joints:  Normal. Ligaments: Bifid ligament:   Normal. Spring […]

MRI Shoulder

MRI Shoulder Clinical Information: Technique: Multiplane PD, PD fat sat and T1 images were obtained through the ____ shoulder. Comparison: ___________ Findings: Rotator Cuff:  The supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularis and teres minor tendons have a normal appearance with no evidence of tear or tendinopathy Muscles:  The rotator cuff muscles are normal, as is the deltoid musculature. […]