MRI Brachial Plexus

MRI Brachial Plexus Clinical Information: Technique: Imaging of the [left|right|both] brachial plexus was performed according to brachial plexus protocol which includes multiplanar anatomic and 3-D NerveVIEW sequences. Findings: Comparison: Spinal cord: The cord has a normal volume and signal Brachial plexus: Roots:        normal Trunks:       normal Divisions:   normal Cords:      […]

CT Wrist

CT WRIST Clinical Information:   Technique: Fine slice non contrast helical CT scan images were obtained through the left wrist. Bone and soft tissue reconstructions were performed. Findings: No fractures or other bony abnormalities are identified in the [___] wrist. The radiocarpal joint has a normal appearance. No scaphoid or hook of hamate fracture is […]

Normal MRI Elbow

MRI Normal Elbow Clinical Information:   Technique: Multiplane PD, PD fat sat and PD SPAIR images were obtained through the ____ elbow. Comparison: ___________ Findings: Joint Effusion:      none Medial Compartment: Ulnar collateral ligament:   Normal Common flexor tendon:      Normal Medial epicondyle:               Normal Lateral Compartment: Radial collateral […]

CT Skull Base

CT PETROUS TEMPORAL BONES Clinical Information: Technique: Fine slice non-contrast helical CT images were obtained through the skull base. Bone and soft tissue windows were reconstructed. Comparison: ___________ Findings: Right Side: No focal bony abnormality is identified in the skull base. The external auditory canal, middle ear, vestibular-cochlear apparatus and internal acoustic canal have a […]

Plain Film – Pelvis

PLAIN FILM – PELVIS Clinical Information: Comparison: ___________ Findings: No fractures or other bony abnormalities are identified in the pelvis. The sacro-ilaic joints, sacral neural arches and symphysis pubis are normal for age. The hip joints have a normal appearance for age. The distal lumbar spine appears normal. Conclusion: Normal plain film pelvis. Copy to […]

MRI Whole Spine – Trauma Normal

MRI Whole Spine – Trauma Normal Clinical Information: MVA.  Technique: Sagittal T1, T2 and TIRM imaging was obtained through the entire spine, as well as axial T1 and T2 weighted imaging. Findings: The vertebral bodies and discs are of normal height with no malalignment. The marrow and disc signal is normal. The craniocervical junction is […]

Neonatal Ultrasound Lumbosacral Spine – Normal

NEONATAL ULTRASOUND LUMBOSACRAL SPINE – Normal Clinical information: Findings: The cord terminates at T12 with a normal appearing conus.  The cauda equina and filum terminalis are normal and freely mobile.  No evidence of tethering is seen. The posterior bony structures are within normal limits with no evidence of dysraphism.  No evidence of a cyst/mass, meningocele, […]


MRI Hip MRI HIP – Normal Clinical Information: Technique: Multiplane T1, PD, PD SPAIR and STIR sequences were obtained through the pelvis and ____ hip. Comparison: ___________ Findings: Bones: No evidence of fracture or bone oedema is seen. No femoral head changes to suggest avascular necrosis No focal bony lesion is seen. No evidence of […]

CT Neck

CT NECK – NORMAL Clinical Information: Technique: Fine slice post IV contrast helical CT images were obtained from the skull base to the thoracic inlet. Soft tissue and bone windows were reconstructed. Findings: The neck compartments are well demarcated with no evidence of a mass lesion. The pharyngeal and glottic regions are normal. The parapharyngeal […]

MRI Wrist

MRI WRIST Clinical Information: Technique: Multiplane DIXON T1 and T2 weight imaging was obtained through the ____ wrist. Axial PD was also acquired. Comparison: ___________ Findings: Alignment: Ulnar variance: none Distal radioulnar joint: normal Carpal instability: none Fluid: Carpus effusion: none Distal radioulnar joint effusion: none Intrinsic Ligaments: Scapholunate ligament: normal Lunotriquetral ligament: normal Triangular […]