CT Facial Bones - Trauma

Clinical Information:



Fine slice non-contrast helical CT images were obtained through the facial bones. Soft tissue and bone windows were reconstructed.




No fractures or bony abnormalities are identified in the facial bones.

The zygomatic arch is normal and there is no diastasis of the frontozygomatic suture. The orbital rim is intact, as are the nasal bones.

The paranasal sinuses are clear with no mucoperiosteal thickening. The nasal septum is midline with no spur. The osteomeatal complexes are normal.

The orbits have a normal appearance with unremarkable

  1. globes
  2. optic nerves
  3. ocular muscles 
  4. vascular structures
  5. infraorbital canal
  6. superior and inferior orbital foramina
  7. optic canal
  8. lamina papyracea

The pterygoid plates and pterygopalatine fossa are normal.

The inferior alveolar ridge is normal.

The mandible is unremarkable with normal temporomandibular joints.

The visualised nasopharynx has a normal appearance.

No contusion or other soft tissue swelling is seen.


Normal CT facial bones