Clinical Information:



Fine slice post IV contrast helical CT images were obtained from the skull base to the thoracic inlet. Soft tissue and bone windows were reconstructed.


The neck compartments are well demarcated with no evidence of a mass lesion.

The pharyngeal and glottic regions are normal. The parapharyngeal fat space is normal. The tonsils and adenoids are normal. The visualised nasal cavity is unremarkable.

The parotid, submandibular and thyroid glands are normal.

The muscles and tendons of the neck are within normal limits.

There is no lymphadenopathy. The lung apices are clear.

No bony abnormality is seen. The craniocervical junction and spinal canal appear patent.

The common carotids, carotid bulbs, internal carotid and external carotid arteries have a normal appearance. No evidence of atheroma, stenosis, aneurysm or dissection is seen.

The jugular veins are normal.


Normal CT neck.