MRI Brachial Plexus

Clinical Information:



Imaging of the [left|right|both] brachial plexus was performed according to brachial plexus protocol which includes multiplanar anatomic and 3-D NerveVIEW sequences.



Spinal cord:

The cord has a normal volume and signal

Brachial plexus:

  • Roots:        normal
  • Trunks:       normal
  • Divisions:   normal
  • Cords:        normal
  • Branches:   normal


The scalene muscles have a normal appearance. The visualised rotator cuff muscles and chest wall are normal.


The vertebral bodies and discs are of normal height with no malalignment. No significant disc bulges are identified. The neural exit foramina are widely patent.

No cervical rib or other vertebral anomaly is identified.

Thoracic Outlet:

The scalene triangle is normal, as is the costoclavicular space and pectoralis minor. No fibrous band or mass lesion is identified.

Vascular structures:

No evidence of vascular compression or other vascular abnormality is seen.


Normal MRI brachial plexus