Clinical Information:





The pancreas is well visualised and has a normal size, shape and echotexture, with no duct dilation.

The liver is of normal size, shape and echotexture with no intrahepatic duct dilation or focal lesion seen. The portal vein measures ___ mm with normal flow.

The gallbladder is normal with a wall thickness of ___ mm. No gallstones, polyps or sludge are seen and the patient is sonographic Murphy’s negative. The CBD measures ___ mm.

Both kidneys are of normal size and shape with smooth contour and normal cortical echotexture. The central echogenic complexes have a normal appearance with no hydronephrosis. The right kidney measures ___ cm, the left ___ cm.

The spleen is of normal size, shape and echotexture with a diameter of ___ cm.

The aorta has a normal appearance with a diameter of ___ cm.


Normal abdominal ultrasound.