New Radiology Report Template Website

Over recent years there has been an increasing need to standardise reporting, particularly with increasing workloads. This has two benefits:

  1. Each report covers all the required structures for the modality and region, acting as a shopping list for the radiologist to cover so nothing is missed.
  2. The information is presented well and in a consistent format, so clinicians can go directly to the section of the report they are most interested in.

This website endeavours to create a searchable set of reports that can be copied, pasted and altered as required. It also has a significant benefit of availability as long as there is internet access, rather than isolated to any one particular RIS/PACS system.

It is very much a work in progress. Creating a reasonably universal report is a challenge given the variety in work practice. 

These template reports are often not a time saver when the study has significant abnormalities.

At the moment, the website is set up for personal use, but feel free to use any templates, given the terms and conditions.

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